• Danny

I’m a down to earth type. Very easy going. Sexually opened minded bisexual Spanish Women. I’m great at massages, so if you are looking for a strong massage with great technique, I’m your girl.

Let just be honest. The dating world is full of unanswered messages, numerous conversations that start and die off quickly, and women that are too busy to give you the time of day. You don’t need that. Come see me instead. I’ll treat you like you should be treated. I will cater to your needs, and your wants, and you will leave thinking. Wow. I found my new favorite spot. All sizes, men, and women are welcomed.

Note: Girls and Couples looking for someone experienced? Someone who can be respectful and playful at the same time. I got you!


Long brown hair (with red highlights)


Juicy Ass




Into couples

Into Duo (with two girls)